MUST Consultores is a firm that specializes in Tax and Accounting Counseling, Accounting Reports and Legal and Notarial Assistance.


In MUST we count with a great team of young professionals formed by accountants, lawyers and notary publics. They are all highly trained and have more than 10 years of experience. The team supports the staff and the management of the company in the detection of opportunities, problems or weaknesses. This combination of youth and experience form the basis to offer a service focused on the needs of each client, tackling working, tax, legal and notarial matters and a management of information technology according to each situation.

Our vision to address work is simple but effective; we are always at the client’s disposition and we aim to provide an excellent service dealing with clients in a personalized way, with ethics as the main pillar.


We offer Professional Services that make your work simpler.

MUST Consultores


The main objective is to create Economic-Financial information in order to make the right choices. To achieve this it is necessary to elaborate and analyze accounting and financial reports.

MUST Consultores


Tax counseling is nowadays one of the main basis of companies. Their sustained growth and their prestige as a brand depend on it, as it gives an image of seriousness and social commitment.

MUST Consultores

Work Counseling

All the companies and specially those new companies, need a good work counseling to know all the obligations that the company has regarding working matters. We keep your company up to date with the news, subsidies and tax benefits that might arise in order to know all the existent laws in the matter.

MUST Consultores

Notarial Assistance

A correct assistance in notarial and legal matters is the basis for your peace of mind. A correct assistance in contractual, notarial and legal matters is the pillar of any personal or company business.

MUST Consultores

Investment Projects

Investment Projects are national or foreign investments in national territory whose promotion and protection are declared to be of national interest. The Executive Power grants tax benefits to these undertakings, that can go from 51% to 100% of the invested amount by means of the exoneration of having to pay IRAE in a period that might go from 3 to 25 years.

MUST Consultores


The choice of societal form under which to develop your business undertaking is of high importance concerning its future. This choice depends on numerous variables that have to be taken into account and explained adequately to the businessman based on the different possibilities that the current laws offer.

MUST Consultores

Financial Statements Reports

The independent auditing following the required accounting norms and carried out by experts is a central matter that grants credibility to the financial information, offering a reasonable security that there are no significant mistakes.

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